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Our Appetizers

Egg Roll (1) - Spring Rolls (2)

Summer Rolls (2) - Fried Wonton (8)

Fantail Shrimp (4) - Sated Beef (4)

BBQ Spare Ribs (6) - Chicken Wings (8)

Crab Rangoon (6)  - Steamed or Pan Fried Dumpling (6)

Hot Braised Chicken Wings (8)
Fried chicken wings sautéed with fresh carrots, bell peppers and
onions in a spicy house sauce.

Soft Shell Crab (1)
Soft shell crab marinated, lightly battered and fried.
Served with tangy house soy-based sauce.

Scallop Appetizer
Four succulent steamed sea scallops with glass noodles served in a
light Vietnamese sauce topped with scallions. 

Steamed Mussels (8)
New Zealand mussels steamed with Thai spices.
Served with house chili sauce.

Pu Pu Platter (For 2)
Platter for two with spare ribs, chicken wings, fantail shrimp,
sated beef, egg rolls and fried wontons.

Chef's Mussels
New Zealand mussels steamed and topped with a light Vietnamese tomato sauce.

Clam Appetizer
Clams sauteed in butter and onions.

Tempura Calamari
Served with a spicy mayonnaise dip.

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